Optimum Seismic Presents at Earthquake Safety Seminar at CALBO Educational Event

Optimum Seismic Presents at Earthquake Safety Seminar at CALBO Educational Event

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optimum seismic retrofit earthquake safety seminarEarthquake safety, building retrofits and the growing need for cities to prepare for the next major quake were among the topics discussed during the presentation.

Optimum Seismic, a leading seismic retrofit company for the Greater Los Angeles region, recently delivered an extensive presentation on earthquake safety and the need for structural retrofits to the California Building Officials Educational Week event in Ontario.

The presentation was part of the association’s ongoing educational programming, highlighting the growing number of cities adopting seismic retrofit ordinances to prepare for the next major earthquake. The ordinances are not just about life safety, said Optimum Seismic Vice President Narek Ekmekjyan, they protect a city’s housing stock and thereby help to sustain a city’s economic security in the event of a major quake.

“This type of educational event provides a forum for meaningful discussion and dialog on important issues facing California’s building officials, building inspectors and design professionals,” said Rene Glynn, an architect who attended the Educational Week event. “I commend CALBO for putting on such an informational conference.”

A growing number of cities throughout the state are adopting both mandatory and voluntary seismic retrofit ordinances to better prepare communities to withstand an earthquake.

“Seismologists insist we are long overdue for the next major earthquake,” said Optimum Seismic President Ali Vahdani. “We feel it’s important to not only educate the public about the importance of seismic retrofits, but to inform California’s building officials as well. Earthquake retrofits save lives, protect property and make our cities safer.”

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Ali Sahabi has been a licensed General Engineering Contractor (GEC) since 1993, and is a principal at Optimum Seismic, Inc. He has completed hundreds of seismic retrofitting and adaptive reuse projects for multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout California.

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