Earthquake Retrofit

13 July, 2023

Cities Act to Reduce Earthquake Risks, While Others Lag Behind on Quake Safety

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While a growing number of local governments in California have moved forward with seismic retrofit ordinances in the last decade, most cities still don’t have these important public safety laws in place.

And since earthquakes can strike virtually anywhere at any time in California, communities which have not addressed seismic issues […]

12 July, 2023

Santa Monica builds strong record on quake safety

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Santa Monica is recognized as a leader in California earthquake safety, having retrofitted more than half of its seismically vulnerable buildings.

Ambitious efforts to upgrade several types of structures that historically have caused death and destruction during major earthquakes set the city apart as a model for communities starting to deal […]

11 July, 2023

Retrofit Laws Aim to Make Quake Vulnerable Buildings Safer

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A number of Southern California cities have adopted seismic retrofit requirements that go beyond the earthquake retrofit ordinance passed by Los Angeles in 2015.

These cities are ordering vulnerable “steel moment frame” buildings to be upgraded.

A popular type of construction in which a building’s skeleton is made of steel beams and […]

4 July, 2023

Retrofits Reduce Earthquake Risks

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Asking “what’s the worst thing that could happen” is the best way for apartment owners to begin preparing to prevent costly earthquake losses that could lead to bankruptcy.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow to terrible shaking.  Within hours you learn the apartment buildings you worked for throughout your life have partially […]

3 July, 2023

Earthquake Retrofits of Apartment Buildings Protect Lives, Investments and Prevent Liability

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Earthquakes are a constant threat in California. “The Big One” can hit anytime, and cause severe damage to vulnerable apartment buildings, along with death and injuries.

Apartment buildings with a “soft-story” are particularly at-risk of earthquake damage. Soft-story buildings usually have a large, open ground floor space like a parking area, […]

2 July, 2023

Myths About Earthquakes And Retrofits Dispelled

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Earthquakes have confused and terrified people throughout human history.

In ancient times, many people believed earthquakes were the result of angry gods, giants and huge animals.

The Japanese believed a giant catfish living at the bottom of the ocean would shake the Earth when he moved. The Greeks blamed Poseidon, the god […]

4 June, 2023

‘King Of Beers’ Saves Millions with Earthquake Retrofit

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After the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Van Nuys suffered significant damage in the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, the company invested $11 million to retrofit structures to withstand the next major temblor – which struck in 1994 with the Northridge quake.

Even though the brewery was located just a few miles from the epicenter […]