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23 July, 2020

Cal State LA and Optimum Seismic Event Raises Funds and Volunteers for YMCA Efforts to Help Families During COVID-19 Virus Takes Serious Toll on Minority Communities’ Economies and Health

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MAYWOOD, CA – This week, as California led the nation in COVID-19 cases and Los Angeles County led the state, the Southeast area emerged as the local epicenter for the virus’ impacts.

As COVID-19 spreads, economic and social pain grows for people across the region.  Against this backdrop, a group representing […]

17 July, 2020

Cal State LA Officials and Optimum Seismic Urge Community Support for Southeast-Rio Vista YMCA’s Efforts to Help Youth and Families in Maywood Area During Pandemic

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As COVID-19 Impacts Increase, Social and Economic Needs Grow

MAYWOOD, CA – The number of patients hospitalized in LA County show COVID-19 continues to take a serious toll, particularly in minority communities.  But the YMCA is among those helping.

As COVID-19 spreads, causing economic and social pain […]

9 July, 2020

3.0-magnitude earthquake felt in Riverside

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Early in the morning Riverside was hit with a 3.0-mangitude earthquake 4 miles east from Riverside. A map provided by the USGS showed the shaking was felt over Rancho Cucamonga to Perris, and Chino to Moreno Valley.

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6 July, 2020

The Alternative to Resilient Design and Earthquake Retrofitting: Increased Legal Risk

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No owner of older residential or commercial real estate, particularly in California, could reasonably deny that a major seismic event might potentially impact the buildings they own.  Knowing that, owners nonetheless often key their retrofitting plans to deadlines set by local ordinances and state laws.  In other words, they believe […]

6 July, 2020

Apartment Association Article Warns Of Earthquake Liability Risk

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Optimum Seismic, Inc – July 2020 Newsletter

Last Fourth of July, California experienced its largest quake in 20 years. The remote desert community of Ridgecrest was struck by two massive earthquakes […]

4 July, 2020

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Building’s Earthquake Resilience and Improve Marketability

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Does your apartment building meet today’s standards for earthquake safety and offer the types of interior spaces tenants want? If built before the mid-1970s, it could benefit from an upgrade of both.

Many building owners in these circumstances are making the most of the situation by renewing interior spaces as a […]

3 July, 2020

Basics of a Soft-Story Seismic Retrofit

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Every building is different, and the approaches to safeguarding a structure against earthquake damage are incredibly diverse.

Yet in spite of these differences, there are some similarities in retrofit approaches based on building type – one of the most common being wood-framed, soft-story structures.

These apartment buildings, characterized by open parking on […]

2 July, 2020

Make Your Apartment Building Earthquake Resistant With A Soft-Story Retrofit to Protect Lives, Investment

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Earthquakes are a constant threat in California. “The Big One” can hit anytime, and bring severe damage to vulnerable apartment buildings, along with death and injuries.

Apartment buildings with a “soft-story” are particularly at-risk of earthquake damage. Soft-story buildings usually have a large, open ground floor space like a parking area, […]