Soft Story Seismic Retrofit

1 August, 2023

Apartment Owners’ Actions Can Reduce Earthquake Losses

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Thirty million people from Sacramento to Baja Mexico felt 24 shocks and aftershocks over three terrifying days when Ridgecrest was struck by 6.4- and 7.1-magnitude earthquakes on July 4 and 5 in 2019.

The Mojave Desert quakes triggered extensive ground movement that is believed to have raised the major earthquake risk […]

11 July, 2023

Retrofit Laws Aim to Make Quake Vulnerable Buildings Safer

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A number of Southern California cities have adopted seismic retrofit requirements that go beyond the earthquake retrofit ordinance passed by Los Angeles in 2015.

These cities are ordering vulnerable “steel moment frame” buildings to be upgraded.

A popular type of construction in which a building’s skeleton is made of steel beams and […]

3 July, 2023

Earthquake Retrofits of Apartment Buildings Protect Lives, Investments and Prevent Liability

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Earthquakes are a constant threat in California. “The Big One” can hit anytime, and cause severe damage to vulnerable apartment buildings, along with death and injuries.

Apartment buildings with a “soft-story” are particularly at-risk of earthquake damage. Soft-story buildings usually have a large, open ground floor space like a parking area, […]

1 July, 2023

Quake Safety: Retrofit, Insurance, Or Both?

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Insurance carriers track the pulse of California’s earthquake liabilities, just as they monitor trends in fire, flood, hurricanes, and other hazards that cause claims to be filed for property damage, injury or death.

Warnings from seismologists that California is long overdue for a major earthquake has property owners and insurance actuaries […]

3 May, 2023

What’s the earthquake risk for your building?

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Risk is not an exact science, but with enough information and statistical data we can pinpoint the types of structures most likely to suffer damage in an earthquake – and where they are.

What earthquake threats does the Southern Cities region face? Let’s start with location: Long Beach in 1933 suffered […]

4 April, 2023

Is your apartment building at risk in an earthquake?

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Nobody knows where or when the next major earthquake will strike. And while there is clear evidence about what types of buildings are most likely to suffer damage from seismic shaking, it’s always best to know your risks by having your apartment building inspected to identify its own unique strengths […]

3 October, 2021