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20 August, 2019

One of the biggest questions in earthquake seismology is how earthquakes get started

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According to a new research a lot of earthquakes we feel come soon after smaller ones. The new research offered insight into what happens before a small and large earthquake.

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14 August, 2019

Check how powerful the earthquake would feel in your address

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The LA Times and the USGS worked together to select 14 significant earthquake scenarios on faults across California. The map shows what may be the worst-case scenarios and it will show you how it would feel from the location.

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13 August, 2019

An estimated $2 billion in infrastructure repairs for the Naval Air Weapons Station in China, following the earthquakes

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Last months earthquakes damaged the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake, the cost for repairs could top $2 billion, as reported by the Navy Times. The $2 billion is only for infrastructure only.

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8 August, 2019

Many owners are still dragging their feet to retrofit their soft-story apartment

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Thousands of owners who are required to seismic retrofit their properties haven’t completed their retrofits. Retrofits of soft-story buildings must be completed by 2023. About 10% of total apartments have completed their retrofits.

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8 August, 2019

Taiwan hit with an earthquake

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A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Taiwan’s northwest coast on Thursday. The quake had building shakings and cut power to around 2,000 buildings. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties

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5 August, 2019

Long Beach officials are urging city staff to work more quickly to establish a database

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After the recent earthquakes in Ridgecrest, the city of Long Beach is trying to establish a database of the buildings that are at risked in an event of a major earthquake. The mayor of Long Beach said, “I just inquired about this database with our leadership team – you can […]

5 August, 2019

6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Japan

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A massive 6.3 earthquake hit off the coast of Japan near Fukushima on Sunday evening. People reported feeling the quake in the capital, Tokyo. No report were immediate reports of damage, and no tsunami alert was issued.

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2 August, 2019

Earthquake strikes off Indonesia’s coast

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On Friday, Indonesia’s coast was hit with a 6.8 earthquake. It was centered 94 miles from Banten province off the island’s southwest coast. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a tsunami warning, after the quake but Indonesian authorities issued their own. They advise people living in coastal areas […]

25 July, 2019

Earthquakes in California caused $200 million in property damage

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The earthquakes that began in early July have caused about $200 million in property damage. The estimate doesn’t include damage to infrastructure. According to Karen Clark and Co less than $40 million of the damage will be covered by them, estimated as little as 20 % of residents in the […]