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23 July, 2019

More than 80,000 earthquakes have been recorded in the Ridgecrest

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Ever since the July 4 and 5 earthquakes there have been more than 80,000 earthquakes. The USGS said, an earthquake 7 or higher resulting from the Ridgecrest earthquakes are 1 in 300 chance.

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22 July, 2019

4.2 Magnitude earthquake hit Twentynine Palms Area

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Twentynine Palms area was hit Monday morning with a 4.2 magnitude. There are no reports of series injury or damage, have been reported.

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19 July, 2019

Athens hit with a 5.1 magnitude earthquake

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Athens was hit with a 5.1 earthquake on Friday. According to Athens Institute of Geodynamics have said there have been several aftershocks. There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage.

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18 July, 2019

4.6 aftershock near Ridgecrest on Wednesday evening

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A 4.6 magnitude earthquake was reported Wednesday night at 8:59 p.m. 32 miles from Ridgecrest. So far, no reports of injury

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16 July, 2019

Should we be worried about the aftershocks getting closer to two major earthquake faults?

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Aftershocks from the recent earthquakes in Ridgecrest, are getting closer to bigger faults that can produce a 7.0 or greater magnitude earthquake. There is no way to know when the next big one is coming, but it is something to be concern with.

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12 July, 2019

Ridgecrest hit with another earthquake today

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One week after the two major quakes that hit Ridgecrest, a 4.9 earthquake struck this Friday morning. The worst part is that it’s hasn’t just been in Ridgecrest, there was some seismic activity in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, and San Bernardino.

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12 July, 2019

Washington state hit with an earthquake earlier this morning.

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On Friday morning Washington state was hit with a 4.6 earthquake in Washington’s Puget Sound region. A few minutes later not far from the quake there was a 3.5 aftershock near Monroe, Washington. More than 6,700 people reported feeling the quake.

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10 July, 2019

Why Ridgecrest was spared of a lot more damage

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After the Ridgecrest earthquakes, structural engineers went to the scene to see the damages, and to their surprise there was not a lot. Why is that? It is because Ridgecrest is not the populated and it is all relatively new construction. According to Ken O’Dell, president of the Structural Engineers […]

2 July, 2019

Washington Schools at high risk, if a big earthquake struck

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Last week The Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) sent individual assessments of earthquakes risk to administrators for 222 school buildings. Saying that their building is in high risk of collapsing and killing students in an event of a major earthquake.

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28 June, 2019

The earthquake in Santa Barbara no one talks about

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A day short of 94 years today was the 6.8 magnitude Santa Barbara earthquake. Thirteen people were killed and a damage of 8 million was recorded, with only a few buildings on State Street escaped damaged.

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