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8 April, 2020

What if the Big One hit during COVID-19?

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April 2020 Newsletter.

These are unprecedented times we live in. The COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on the health and well-being of people all over the world. Death, a lack of medical resources, shuttered businesses, unemployment and economic collapse […]

9 March, 2020

Quake Threat Prompts Order to Drain California Reservoir

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March 2020 Newsletter.

Puerto Rico’s struggles with recovery following a 6.4-magnitude earthquake in January underscore the importance of seismic resilience. FEMA estimates that thousands of Puerto Ricans are still living outdoors due to homes lost in […]

10 February, 2020

BIA SoCal, BOMA OC, AAOC, and Optimum Seismic conduct a Seismic Retrofitting Workshop

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February 2020 Newsletter.

Seismic resiliency is not just about saving buildings. It is the key to ensuring that businesses remain open, people can continue to work and sleep in their own homes, and public services remain intact. I am honored […]

8 January, 2020

Case Study Shows Retrofits Saved Business Millions

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January 2020 Newsletter.

California last year experienced two of the largest earthquakes to strike the state in 20 years and saw its deadliest and most destructive wildfire in history. These were jarring reminders of how vulnerable we are and how […]

7 December, 2019

Leaders Push for Building Safety Compliance

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December 2019 Newsletter.

Building safety is critical to the health of our communities. We can see that in the aftermath of last month’s 6.4-magnitude earthquake in Albania that left 4,000 people homeless, 2,000 injured and 51 dead. Officials are […]

5 November, 2019

SoCal Leaders Join Forces to Promote Seismic Resiliency

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November 2019 Newsletter.

I was recently joined by key leaders in the L.A. region at a press conference, where we announced a collaborative effort to promote seismic resilience in our communities. Fellow speakers included officials with the Los […]

10 October, 2019

Unprecedented Partnership, Whitepaper Unveiled on Thursday

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October 2019 Newsletter.

Last week was an important week for Los Angeles County and the region. Why? On Thursday, Optimum Seismic joined the Southern California Association of Governments, BizFed, Los Angeles Economic Development, and the U.S. […]

5 September, 2019

Events Kick Off to Create Safer L.A. County

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September 2019 Newsletter.

What’s Los Angeles County doing to plan for resilience? And how can businesses and local government ensure that the fabric of our society remains intact following a major earthquake? Find out by attending one in a series […]