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11 June, 2019

How Politics and Culture Determine Building Safety Codes

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June 2019 Newsletter.

A recent magnitude 8 earthquake in Peru caused little damage, while another several years ago killed hundreds and damaged tens of thousands of structures. Why is it that quakes of the same magnitude can […]

6 April, 2019

West Hollywood May Help Landlords with Retrofit Costs

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April 2019 Newsletter.

“Did someone forget to pay the earthquake bill?” That was the question posed in the title of a study by UCLA geophysicist David Jackson, who warned that an uncommon absence of major earthquakes in […]

6 December, 2018

Seismic retrofits: It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you

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December 2018 Newsletter.

Drop, cover and hold on. If you remember anything about earthquakes, make it this. I found reports of last week’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Anchorage alarming due to the countless descriptions I […]

1 November, 2018

Studies Show Many Cost Benefits To Seismic Retrofits

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November 2018 Newsletter.

More than 60 million people participated last month in the 10th annual Great ShakeOut, a global drill that originated here in earthquake-prone California. It’s a great opportunity for people to check […]