4 August, 2020

UCSD Seismic Engineering Research Shows How to Protect Buildings

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San Diego is at the heart of much of the world’s best research about developing earthquake resilient buildings.

The University of California, San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering conducts some of the most noteworthy studies available on the damaging effects of earthquakes on buildings using one of the world’s largest shake […]

3 August, 2020

Earthquake Disaster Risks Drop As We Become Resilient

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Orange County, like most large metropolitan areas in the nation, operates an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that is the communication and coordination hub for all emergency response situations we may face as a region such as earthquakes and major fires.

Comprised of representatives from public agencies and special districts throughout the […]

2 August, 2020

Mexico Earthquake Underscores Need for Seismic Retrofits

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California and Mexico, our neighbor to the south, are all-too familiar with the devastation that earthquakes can bring, and both have found the push for building resilience has frequently been met with resistance.

No one wants to think about how an earthquake could turn their lives upside-down.

But on June 23, life […]

1 August, 2020

Seismic Retrofits Make Good Business Sense, Especially in Liquefaction Zones

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Is your apartment building on steady ground when it comes to earthquake safety?

If it sits on top of a liquefaction zone, you could be facing the risk of increased damage due to the way the ground reacts in an earthquake.

Liquefaction happens when vibrations in the ground cause soil particles to […]

4 July, 2020

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Building’s Earthquake Resilience and Improve Marketability

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Does your apartment building meet today’s standards for earthquake safety and offer the types of interior spaces tenants want? If built before the mid-1970s, it could benefit from an upgrade of both.

Many building owners in these circumstances are making the most of the situation by renewing interior spaces as a […]

3 July, 2020

Basics of a Soft-Story Seismic Retrofit

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Every building is different, and the approaches to safeguarding a structure against earthquake damage are incredibly diverse.

Yet in spite of these differences, there are some similarities in retrofit approaches based on building type – one of the most common being wood-framed, soft-story structures.

These apartment buildings, characterized by open parking on […]

2 July, 2020

Make Your Apartment Building Earthquake Resistant With A Soft-Story Retrofit to Protect Lives, Investment

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Earthquakes are a constant threat in California. “The Big One” can hit anytime, and bring severe damage to vulnerable apartment buildings, along with death and injuries.

Apartment buildings with a “soft-story” are particularly at-risk of earthquake damage. Soft-story buildings usually have a large, open ground floor space like a parking area, […]

1 July, 2020

Long Beach is Proactive About Earthquake Safety. Are you?

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Did you know that Long Beach was the testing ground for California’s recently unveiled ShakeAlert early warning system for earthquakes?

Beginning in 2014, the city did beta testing on the application until it was deemed effective enough to roll out to the rest of Los Angeles County and eventually, the state.

It […]

4 June, 2020

Retrofits Lower Risks, Insurance Costs for S.D.’s new Grim Scenario

By |2020-06-17T23:49:03+00:00June 4th, 2020|Earthquake Insurance, Earthquake Retrofit Benefits, SDCAA|

San Diego is more seriously at risk of earthquake devastation than previously thought.

A new, five-year study unveiled this year by the Engineering and Environmental Research Institute projects grim outcomes for the San Diego area should the Rose Canyon fault explode with a devastating 6.9-magnitude earthquake:

  • $38 billion in building and […]
3 June, 2020

Seismic Retrofits Make Good Business Sense. Here’s Why

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Saving lives is the ultimate concern when preparing for an earthquake, but building retrofits bring so many cost benefits that they make good business sense as well. 

Retrofits enhance a building’s value by extending its longevity and making it safer for the people who occupy it. But there are […]