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5 November, 2019

Why You Should Fix Earthquake Vulnerable Commercial Buildings

By |2019-11-06T03:33:39+00:00November 5th, 2019|Buildings Vulnerabilities, Commercial Buildings, Vulnerable Commercial Buildings|

You don’t have to live in Southern California to know the potential for natural disaster. But for those who do live here, it’s a matter of when, not if, you’ll experience the reality of life near a fault line. Seismic activity is particularly concerning for residential building owners. […]

4 October, 2019

Avoiding the Worry with Your Tenant Habitability Plan for Your Seismic Retrofit

By |2019-10-07T19:04:38+00:00October 4th, 2019|AACSC, Tenant Habitability Process, tenant occupied seismic retrofit|

-Appeared on Apartment Association California, Southern Cities (AACSC).

This article was originally posted on our company website. Optimum Seismic is a seismic retrofitting company based from California.

A key worry among apartment owners faced with any major renovation, repair or alteration of their building is the […]

3 October, 2019

Insist on Safety to add Value to your Seismic Retrofit Project

By |2019-10-07T19:00:45+00:00October 3rd, 2019|AAGLA, seismic retrofit safety|

-Appeared on Apartment Association Greater Los Angeles  (AAGLA).

This article was originally posted on our company website. Optimum Seismic is a seismic retrofitting company based from California.

Why it pays to select contractors that comply with professional and occupational standards

Construction, when done wrong, can be an […]

2 October, 2019

Four Easy Steps to Selecting a Qualified Seismic Retrofit Company

By |2019-10-07T18:30:39+00:00October 2nd, 2019|SDCAA, Seismic Retrofit Companies|

-Appeared on San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA)

This article was originally posted on our company website. Optimum Seismic is a seismic retrofitting company based from California.

There has been a steady influx of startup companies sprouting up to capitalize on Southern California’s growing seismic […]

2 September, 2019

Don’t Be Blind to Your Building’s Vulnerabilities – Become Disaster Resilient

By |2019-10-14T20:49:23+00:00September 2nd, 2019|Buildings Vulnerabilities, earthquake preparedness, Earthquake Retrofit Benefits|

Nobody knows where or when the next major earthquake or disaster will strike. While there is clear evidence about the types of buildings likely to suffer damage from seismic shaking, it’s always best to assess your risks by having your apartment building inspected to identify its resiliency as well as […]

2 September, 2019

SoCal Quakes Underscore Local Risks of Seismic Devastation

By |2019-09-02T21:07:48+00:00September 2nd, 2019|Earthquakes, SDCAA|

-Appeared on San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA)

Southern California got hit by some monster quakes this summer, thankfully with no casualties and little destruction due to the remoteness of the epicenters’ sparsely populated desert location.

But what if the Ridgecrest temblors happened here?

San Diego’s Rose Canyon […]

2 September, 2019

FEMA Tips for National Preparedness Month

By |2019-09-02T20:52:48+00:00September 2nd, 2019|AAGLA, earthquake preparedness, Earthquake Safety, Optimum Seismic, Seismic Resilience|

-Appeared on Apartment Association Greater Los Angeles  (AAGLA).

September is National Preparedness Month, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency messages to help people protect themselves and their businesses against earthquakes.

To help apartment owners get ready for a seismic emergency, FEMA has set up a special QuakeSmart […]

20 August, 2019

Prosperity through Preservation: The Financial Benefits of Adaptive Reuse Construction

By |2019-08-20T14:29:13+00:00August 20th, 2019|Adaptive Reuse|

All around the world, adaptive reuse projects are redefining and revitalizing downtown communities by making the most of what is already there.

What is Adaptive Reuse? Simply put, adaptive reuse involves the redesigning of interior spaces in buildings that have outlived their original purpose in order to better serve the […]

6 August, 2019

Optimum Seismic Participates in AIA’s Seismic Resiliency Symposium

By |2019-08-06T16:40:13+00:00August 6th, 2019|Optimum Seismic, Optimum seismic in the news, Seismic Resilience|

As a national advocate for safer cities throughout the United States, Optimum Seismic Chief Operating Officer Ali Sahabi participated last month in the American Institute of Architects Oregon’s URM Seismic Resilience Symposium.

The three-day event, held July 18-20 at Portland State University, featured two days of presentations from prominent engineers and […]