Earthquake Retrofitting in Southern California

Optimum Seismic is the industry expert for earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles, as our seismic professionals have nearly 40 years of experience helping building owners protect their properties and those who inhabit them. For structures that require retrofitting in Los Angeles, our seismic retrofit contractors can ensure your building is properly secured against future seismic events, giving you unparalleled peace-of-mind. Contact us today and experience how Optimum Seismic is one of the top retrofitting companies in Los Angeles.

  • Our local staff of employees is fully trained, insured, licensed and bonded.
  • Optimum Seismic has its own staff of engineers, project managers, construction engineers and specialists.
  • We even fabricate our own steel, allowing us to always ensure the highest quality and timeliness of materials to job sites.
  • We know Southern California. We’ve been providing design, construction, engineering and retrofitting services here since 1982.

Our work in Southern California has included retrofits of unreinforced masonry buildings, soft-story multifamily apartment buildings, industrial tilt-up and other office buildings, as well as other civil infrastructure and bridges.