Steel Frame Building Retrofit Services We Offer:

Optimum Seismic’s team of steel structure building retrofit contractors are able to apply their decades of experience in implementing earthquake retrofits on steel moment frame buildings. By retrofitting your steel frame buildings, Optimum Seismic is able to strengthen your properties against future seismic events and protect your equity. Our structural framing contractors have several alternatives applied throughout or at specific points in the retrofits, depending on the type of buildings and the severity of the defects:

  • Strengthen the connection locally with beam-to-column connections or chevron bracing
  • Adding dampers or a lateral system to strengthen the steel moment frames

Steel frame buildings constructed before the mid-1990s can sustain brittle fracturing of the steel frames at the welded or riveted joints between the beams and columns, which can damage or break connections and create the potential for localized collapse.

Several of these structures failed during the 1994 Northridge quake. Many others were discovered to have developed fracturing as a result of the seismic shaking. Even more have yet to undergo an analysis to determine if fracturing has occurred, or to assess their ability to withstand another major quake.

Therefore, steel frame building retrofits help to ensure that not only your building is secure during a future seismic event, but that injury or loss of life for tenants and pedestrians in and around it is prevented. This can be accomplished through a steel structure building retrofit from Optimum Seismic.

Optimum Seismic features expert design, steel fabrication and construction for all retrofit options. Our team has decades of experience working with clients to customize programs that match their goals and needs. We blend today’s needs with future possibilities to engineer an optimal retrofit solution.

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What Are the Steps to Getting a Steel Frame Building Retrofit?