Seismic Retrofitting for Commercial Buildings

The team at Optimum Seismic has been providing consultations, engineering, construction and earthquake retrofits for commercial buildings in California since 1984. Our experts in seismic engineering, construction management provide quality earthquake retrofit services for all types of commercial buildings.

We understand the importance of taking every quality control step to safeguard your commercial building from the damage an earthquake can cause. Our services are designed to increase the resiliency of commercial buildings and community structures to help prevent damage or collapse when the next earthquake happens.

Each building project is different and must be executed flawlessly, as lives are on the line. With thousands of building retrofit projects completed, and decades of experience, our clients have relied on Optimum Seismic’s expertise in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics to help construct buildings that can withstand damage from major and minor shaking, and significantly reduce the risk of injury or death during a major seismic event.

Our commercial building retrofit expertise includes: