Earthquake Engineering & Building Design Services We Offer:

For structures of all kinds, from commercial to multifamily apartment buildings, Optimum Seismic’s earthquake engineering and building design services are designed to increase the resiliency of structures to help prevent damage or collapse when the next earthquake happens. Our earthquake-resistant designs come from almost 40 years of experience in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics, resulting in a building that can withstand damage from minor shaking and seriously mitigate the risk of injury or death during a major seismic event.

Optimum Seismic’s business model is built on value engineering, which is a systematic approach to achieving the optimum ratio of functionality, safety and cost-effectiveness for our retrofit and other construction projects. Our engineers are licensed, highly trained and experienced in structural

Optimum Seismic’s seismic engineering services include:

  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Cost Estimates and Analysis
  • Value Engineering

What Are the Steps to Acquiring Optimum Seismic’s Seismic Engineering Services?