The likelihood of a major earthquake happening in California is very high.

Seismologists say stress along the San Andreas fault has been building with little relief since the mid-1800s. The next “Big One,” which could come at any moment, could be of a magnitude of 7.5 or more – 45 times the force of the 1994 Northridge quake, they say.

There are many benefits to a quick response to the law (soft-story-retrofit-program) :

  • Retrofitting protects lives and your assets

  • Retrofits help reduce an owner’s liability for injury or death in the event of a quake

  • Some insurance companies offer more favorable terms for retrofitted buildings

  • Construction costs will rise with demand

  • Special property-assessed financing is now available to qualified owners

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There are dozens of cities curious at looking at this. People are starting to recognize how necessary this is.

Dr. Lucy Jones, Seismologist

There’s a growing effort underway to make California communities safer, as cities throughout the state adopt new laws requiring seismic retrofits of buildings proven to be vulnerable to damage in an earthquake.

The Los Angeles Times recently proclaimed the start of a “New Frontier” for earthquake safety. Famed seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones told the Times it is remarkable to see how the political winds have changed for elected officials considering seismic retrofit laws. There are dozens of cities curious at looking at this,” she said. “People are starting to recognize how necessary this is.”

Soft-story Apartment Complex

A soft-story condition occurs when a building has an open first floor (such as ground level parking, subterranean parking, or an open storefront with glass and minimal structural reinforcement) on at least one elevation, if not more.

A typical retrofit for a soft-story apartment complex would include:

  • Installation of steel moment frame, concrete footing and drag line

  • Installation of plywood shear walls

  • Installation of continuity ties

  • Removal and replacement of finishes as required for above work

What are the Steps to Getting a Soft-Story Retrofit?