Adaptive Reuse Services We Offer:

While it’s inevitable that buildings will eventually outgrow their initial functions, adaptive reuse services give these older structures a new purpose that preserves their original character. Optimum Seismic is able to provide adaptive reuse architecture services to rehabilitate otherwise-defunct structures, giving them new life that uniquely showcases their history.

Optimum Seismic’s Adaptive Reuse services include:

  • Identifying key aspects of the building’s past
  • Brainstorming on creative reuse of building attributes
  • Retaining original design elements
  • Paying tribute to the past while designing for present and future needs

Our team has the necessary expertise in adaptive reuse architecture from a nearly 40 years spent in the industry. This enables us to meet the challenges and expectations these projects demand. But rather than tell you, let Optimum Seismic show you.