Property owners faced with aging buildings becoming less competitive in the marketplace can turn to Optimum Seismic, Inc. for assistance.

As buildings age, many become undesirable for modern uses.  Spaces tend to no longer meet the needs of tenants, while structural safety issues and other concerns become more pronounced.  Renovations of these older structures can make them significantly more attractive to users, enhance structural safety and preserve their original character. Optimum Seismic has decades of experience in renovating and rehabilitating otherwise-defunct structures, giving them new life that uniquely showcases their history.

Optimum Seismic’s Adaptive Reuse and Renovation services include:

  • Identifying key aspects of the building’s past
  • Identifying creative reuse of building attributes to enhance marketability
  • Retaining original design elements
  • Designing to meet present tenant demands and future needs
  • Making buildings more economically productive

Our team has extensive expertise in adaptive reuse and renovations from our nearly 40 years  in the industry. This experience enables us to successfully address the challenges your project faces and meet your every expectations. Let Optimum Seismic show you how we deliver projects On Time, On Budget!

The Trend Towards Building Renovation and Adaptive Reuse

Many existing buildings are currently being transformed to accommodate new uses, increase their profitability and extend their lifetime.

Property owners and managers are doing extensive renovations, often called adaptive reuse, to repurpose interior spaces in their buildings to meet current and future market demands.

These renovations typically involve redesigning interior spaces in buildings that have outlived their original purpose in order to better serve the needs of communities today. It may involve the conversion of a warehouse into a shopping mall, a factory into live/work lofts, an old church into a restaurant, or stately courthouses into museums.

The team at Optimum Seismic, Inc. has performed many adaptive reuse projects over the years, including the conversion of a historic hotel in downtown San Luis Obispo into a mixed-use project of 48 apartments and ground-floor retail; a similar conversion at the Mayfair Hotel in downtown Pomona; and the conversion and expansion of several Victorian homes into student housing near the University of Southern California.

In the vast majority of these and other renovation projects, it’s not simply about reusing the space inside the building shell, it involves other upgrades as well: such as seismic retrofits, electrical rewiring, plumbing replacement and other improvements that add significant value to the building.

Commercial building renovations have brought significant positive changes in downtown communities throughout the nation.  Envision San Diego’s outstanding Gaslamp Quarter, Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade or the Arts District in Los Angeles.

These examples completely reinvented their neighborhoods into transformational cultural and commercial centers that draw in tourism and bring significant income not only to the cities and communities, but to the building owners as well.

The process

It’s best to have an idea of the type of new use you would like to see in your building.

Look at the neighborhood surrounding your property to see if other uses might complement your idea for a new use for your building.

In many instances, existing fixtures can be integrated into a trendy design that adds significant value to a building. Envision a bank vault located within a night club; old signage in the décor of a new restaurant; or post office boxes inside a new shared office space.

In terms of apartment buildings, redesign units to meet modern demands such as open areas for kitchens and living spaces; upgrade bathrooms and expand closet space. Community space should also be considered, integrating common areas for gyms and gathering spaces.

Once you determine the best functionality of spaces within your building, consider integrating your building’s unique features to dramatically enhance the value of your adaptive reuse project.

Renovations are the perfect complement to any seismic retrofit project. The combination of renovations and retrofits can give your building long-lasting value, safety and functionality for many, many years to come.