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Property Owner

By Melvin Belsky -

“Optimum Seismic was one of many companies I contacted to get a quote for soft story retrofitting on my apartment building. My garage is concrete lined so I was hoping to get an exception instead of having the work done. Everyone I contacted except Optimum told me that I would still have to do the work and quoted an appropriate price. Optimum thought an exception was possible and submitted the request to the city with the supporting documentation. The request was successful and saved me $$$. Dealing with an honest company speaks for itself since you’re at the mercy of all these so-called experts. If you’re looking to deal with an honest knowledgable company who will offer a fair price, then Optimum Seismic would be my choice and should be yours.”

Property Owner

By Elizabeth C. -

“Optimum Seismic was exceptional in that they took down any shelving or items in the way of their work and when the work was completed they put everything back as it was originally including the paint color. As a landlord, I did not have to supervise. They also kept the job going even when payment was delayed from the HOA. I would highly recommend them. Their fees are competitive or lower than many seismic companies. They were referred to me by a friend who also had an excellent experience with Optimum Seismic.”

Property Owner

By F.M. -

“Optimum did an excellent job in retrofitting an apartment building. Optimum truly delivered white glove VIP service through out the entire project. The project was completed in less than 2 months while it was expected to be completed in 5-6 months. The team was very professional, organized, and clean.”

Property Owner

By Karin H. -

“Optimum did retrofitting work for two of our apartment buildings. They were referred to us by our real estate broker. I could not have been more satisfied with their professionalism, communications, and quality.

They were always available to answer my questions and responded very timely. They explained the requirements for the job and interacted with the City of Los Angeles in our behalf.

I would recommend them and use them again.”

Property Owner

By Dave K. -