Earthquake Resilience

14 February, 2021

Los Angeles County tops FEMA disaster risk list

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2021 FEMA Hazard Risk Map. (Red and orange represent highest risks.)

Is your neighborhood at high risk of suffering from an earthquake? If you live in or near Los Angeles County, you could face greater than risk all other counties in the nation.

A new online tool, […]

4 January, 2021

Resilience Reduce Earthquake Disaster Risk

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The best way to prepare for disaster is to ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

When it comes to earthquakes, you can assess damage from past experiences, identify the near-misses or “thank goodness it didn’t happen here” scenarios and search out the best ways to mitigate those possibilities […]

3 January, 2021

Choose Earthquake Resilience, Not Complacency

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Some scientists and economists say the COVID-19 pandemic, a rare, severe and widespread crisis, sparked widespread belief in hindsight that everyone should have seen it coming and been better prepared.

This year has been unprecedent – in our lifetimes, at least.  Earlier societies are said to have been hit harder in […]