Earthquake Resilience

4 October, 2020

Quake Swarms Remind San Diego of Risks

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Seems like San Diego is being hit by earthquakes from virtually every direction these days.

A swarm of earthquakes last month near the Salton Sea and subsequent quakes in Baja, California, jostled our city from sleep, reigniting concern that a major temblor may take its toll here.

The swarm in […]

3 October, 2020

Major Earthquake? Insurance Alone Won’t Protect You

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Major Earthquake? Insurance Alone Won’t Protect You

Nobody should be caught without insurance. It’s an essential tool to guard against excessive risk associated with our automobiles, our property, our health, even our lives.

But while insurance may help to cushion the blow of an […]

3 September, 2020

Earthquake Resilient Buildings Protect People and Communities

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A 4.2-magnitude earthquake last month in L.A. rippled well into Orange County, rousting people from their sleep in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a literal wake-up call. During months of barely detectable seismic activity, many had forgotten the threats earthquakes bring to our region.

The larger the quake, the […]

1 September, 2020