2 September, 2023

Will Your Business Survive A Major Earthquake?

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Small businesses, the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, are often the first to suffer from natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Although they create two-thirds of new jobs and stimulate economic growth – particularly in underrepresented communities – small businesses are often least prepared to withstand disasters

The COVID-19 pandemic brought devastating loss […]

2 August, 2023

Is Your Building On Solid Ground Against Earthquakes?

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Apartment buildings in the Greater San Diego Area may sit on soil that is prone to liquefaction, landslides or other instability when shaken by an earthquake.

If your apartment building is located in Mission Bay, Mission Valley, Tierra Santa, Linda Vista, and many other San Diego communities, it’s best to have […]

4 July, 2023

Retrofits Reduce Earthquake Risks

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Asking “what’s the worst thing that could happen” is the best way for apartment owners to begin preparing to prevent costly earthquake losses that could lead to bankruptcy.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow to terrible shaking.  Within hours you learn the apartment buildings you worked for throughout your life have partially […]

2 June, 2023

Protect Your Property Investments with Earthquake Retrofits And Structural Engineering Advances

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Structural engineering plays a very important role in our society today.  We show our great confidence into the work of structural engineers every time we drive on an overpass, pass through a tunnel, or enter a building.  In every case we trust our lives to the knowledge and workmanship of […]

2 May, 2023

Upstaged by pirates and ice cream, building safety matters, too

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Happy Building Safety Month! This low-profile observance, an international celebration of safe and sound structures, rarely gets noticed outside of the industry. It’s the unsung understudy to causes nearer and dearer to people’s hearts like ice cream, talking like pirates, even Ferris wheels.

Yet buildings play an ever-present and vital role […]

2 April, 2023

Be prepared for the earthquake beast!

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Before the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, many Californians felt confident that they knew enough about earthquakes. But after 50,000 people died in these quakes, many people are asking a straight forward question: “Can similar earthquakes happen in San Diego or other areas of California?”

Experts offer a short answer. […]