2 May, 2023

Upstaged by pirates and ice cream, building safety matters, too

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Happy Building Safety Month! This low-profile observance, an international celebration of safe and sound structures, rarely gets noticed outside of the industry. It’s the unsung understudy to causes nearer and dearer to people’s hearts like ice cream, talking like pirates, even Ferris wheels.

Yet buildings play an ever-present and vital role […]

2 April, 2023

Be prepared for the earthquake beast!

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Before the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, many Californians felt confident that they knew enough about earthquakes. But after 50,000 people died in these quakes, many people are asking a straight forward question: “Can similar earthquakes happen in San Diego or other areas of California?”

Experts offer a short answer. […]

4 March, 2023

How much do you know about earthquakes?

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Californians are all too familiar with earthquakes. But how much do we really know about the risks they present to us? Understanding these threats is important, particularly when buildings are essential to your livelihood. Wonder how much you really know? Try taking this little quiz, for starters.

  1. What is the most […]
3 February, 2023

FEMA shows San Diego quake vulnerabilities

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What are the odds a major earthquake will damage your San Diego apartment building, other commercial structure or even your home?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazus modeling shows 120,000 buildings could suffer moderate to complete damage – with 8,000 beyond repair – and another 36,000 households could be displaced.

How does […]

2 January, 2023

Potential at-risk Buildings Identified in San Diego

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Where can potentially unsafe, soft-story apartment building be found in San Diego?  And how many such buildings are there?

Those questions and similar ones about other counties in California led Optimum Seismic, Inc. and the U.S. Resiliency Council to team up with Esri, a leading mapping company, to combine resources to […]

9 October, 2022

Earthquakes happen every day in California. Act now to be resilient.

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This month, an estimated 18 million Americans will take part in the Great ShakeOut, a national safety drill designed to heighten awareness of the many ways to prepare for a major earthquake.

We’ll hear many important messages about earthquake risk and personal safety, culminating with the annual drill, which happens on […]

2 June, 2022

Balcony Law Requires Inspection, Repairs

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Balconies are a significant draw for apartment renters, particularly in places with great weather like San Diego – considered one of the best climates on Earth.  Balconies, decks and elevated walkways are a valuable amenity in Southern California’s multifamily real estate market — popular with renters for providing easy access […]

3 March, 2022

San Diego buildings face ‘blind thrust’ threat

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The most recent maps prepared by the California Geological Survey reveal that San Diego’s earthquake risk is significantly higher than previously thought.

Recent information reveals  the region’s fault zones are significantly larger and far-reaching than assumed – stretching along the Rose Canyon Fault from La Jolla down through the airport and […]

2 March, 2022

Earthquake shakes San Diego, but more devastating quake looms

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Did you feel that jarring 4.0 magnitude jolt of an earthquake recently?

People across San Diego County reported feeling the Jan. 30 temblor, which struck near the Palomar Observatory but could be felt from Chula Vista to Escondido, and into parts of Riverside and Orange counties.

“It was really powerful,” Valerie Mitchell […]

4 February, 2022

Will your business survive a major earthquake?

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Small businesses, the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, are often the first to suffer from natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Although they create two-thirds of new jobs and stimulate economic growth – particularly in our region’s underrepresented communities – small businesses are often least prepared to withstand disasters

The COVID-19 pandemic brought […]