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2 June, 2022

Balcony Law Requires Inspection, Repairs

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Balconies are a significant draw for apartment renters, particularly in places with great weather like San Diego – considered one of the best climates on Earth.  Balconies, decks and elevated walkways are a valuable amenity in Southern California’s multifamily real estate market — popular with renters for providing easy access […]

5 May, 2022

Is dry rot eating away your fortune?

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Does your building show the telltale signs of dry rot?

Bubbling paint. Spots of orange-brown spore dust. Brittle or spongy wood that crumbles at the touch.

Tenant complaints of a fungus growing out of the wood on a fifth-floor balcony in Berkeley were repeatedly ignored until 2015, when that balcony collapsed, killing […]

2 May, 2022

Balcony laws require inspections, repairs

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Coastal communities provide an abundance of breathtaking views, often enjoyed from rows of balconies facing west to the ocean and setting sun. These perches are iconic in seaside communities — a big draw for tenants entertaining friends, relaxing with a book, or enjoying their own piece of the outdoors.

Considered a […]

4 February, 2022

Are your building’s balconies safe?

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She was a college student from Dublin, spending the summer in California, when plans to celebrate her 21st birthday with friends turned deadly – and ultimately led to stricter oversight of balconies, decks and other external elevated structures on apartment buildings.

Aoife Beary was one of seven students seriously injured when […]