4 July, 2021

Don’t Leave Your Assets to Chance in Earthquakes

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Insurance doesn’t save lives, it saves your livelihood. Earthquake retrofits do both.

Most apartment owners have worked very hard for what they have. Yet while San Diego is more seriously at risk of earthquake devastation than previously thought – many prefer to hope that the worst never happens, rather than to […]

28 June, 2021

Florida tragedy underscores threat of building vulnerabilities

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Surfside, Florida. Not long ago, this beachfront community was known best for its eclectic restaurants, five-star Bal Harbour shopping, upscale hotels, and multi-story condominium buildings lining the sun-kissed sands of the Atlantic coast just north of Miami.

But on June 24, a wing of the 12-story Champlain Towers imploded – bringing […]

1 June, 2021

Will Your Building Survive the Next Big Earthquake?

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It’s been a difficult year for owners of rental income properties, with up to 20% of Southern California tenants behind on rent and many owing balances in the tens of thousands of dollars, according to various reports.

News coverage cites anonymous owners afraid to speak out on how policies put in […]

31 May, 2021

Earthquake Safety Advances and Innovations

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The last time Lakisha Woods went to buy a car, she was sold on the safety features: forward collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot and lane departure warnings, to name just a few.

“When I went to buy a home a year later, nobody told me about the safety […]

23 April, 2021

Earthquake Concerns Prompt Federal Actions

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First came a quake, lasting more than 6 terrifying minutes. Then came a tsunami, and after that a nuclear power plant meltdown that left a large section of island country uninhabitable a decade later.

A science fiction movie script.  No.  This was real life in Japan.

Japan’s 9.0 magnitude earthquake of March […]

3 April, 2021

Earthquake threats greater for San Diego real estate?

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Be Smart — Assess Risks To Your Investments

New information has prompted the state to update its earthquake fault hazard map — and the move has many people in San Diego’s real estate industry worried the new classifications could be bad for business.

Members of the public have until May […]

3 April, 2021

Interactive USGS map lets you zoom in to see for yourself

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Interactive USGS map lets you zoom in to see for yourself


How vulnerable is your apartment to earthquake damage?

If it is located within a fault, landslide, or liquefaction zone, it may be at risk – and a combination of any of these could be disastrous.

Active earthquake faults in Orange […]

14 February, 2021

Los Angeles County tops FEMA disaster risk list

By |2021-02-14T23:02:55+00:00February 14th, 2021|Earthquake Protection, Earthquake Resilience|

2021 FEMA Hazard Risk Map. (Red and orange represent highest risks.)

Is your neighborhood at high risk of suffering from an earthquake? If you live in or near Los Angeles County, you could face greater than risk all other counties in the nation.

A new online tool, […]

2 January, 2021

New Bridge Built with Earthquakes in Mind

By |2021-02-02T18:10:21+00:00January 2nd, 2021|AACSC, Earthquake Protection, Earthquake Resilience, Seismic Engineering, Seismic Resilience|

More than 60,000 vehicles pass daily over the new Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach – a 2,000-foot-long expanse of cables and steel connecting downtown and the 710 freeway to the port.

Opened in October, it is built to accommodate taller ocean cargo vessels, which are expected to rise to nearly […]

1 January, 2021

After 50 Years, San Fernando Quake Still Provides Lessons

By |2021-02-02T23:30:13+00:00January 1st, 2021|AAGLA, earthquake damage, earthquake preparedness, Earthquake Protection, Earthquake Resilience|

Half a century ago – on Feb. 9, 1971 – a 6.6-magnitude earthquake rattled the San Fernando Valley, killing 65, injuring 2,500, and causing $505 million in damage ($3.2 billion in today’s dollars).

Forty-seven people perished at one site alone when the San Fernando Veteran’s Hospital crumbled into a heap of […]

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