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14 February, 2021

Los Angeles County tops FEMA disaster risk list

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2021 FEMA Hazard Risk Map. (Red and orange represent highest risks.)

Is your neighborhood at high risk of suffering from an earthquake? If you live in or near Los Angeles County, you could face greater than risk all other counties in the nation.

A new online tool, […]

2 January, 2021

New Bridge Built with Earthquakes in Mind

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More than 60,000 vehicles pass daily over the new Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach – a 2,000-foot-long expanse of cables and steel connecting downtown and the 710 freeway to the port.

Opened in October, it is built to accommodate taller ocean cargo vessels, which are expected to rise to nearly […]

1 January, 2021

After 50 Years, San Fernando Quake Still Provides Lessons

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Half a century ago – on Feb. 9, 1971 – a 6.6-magnitude earthquake rattled the San Fernando Valley, killing 65, injuring 2,500, and causing $505 million in damage ($3.2 billion in today’s dollars).

Forty-seven people perished at one site alone when the San Fernando Veteran’s Hospital crumbled into a heap of […]