2 September, 2020

COVID-19 Not First Crisis to Disrupt Long Beach Schools

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But not in the midst of this global pandemic. Schools throughout the nation – even around the world – are doing things differently, teaching remotely, staggering schedules, social distancing and more to keep children and communities safe from the virus.

School campuses won’t be the same this fall. But this isn’t […]

1 August, 2020

Seismic Retrofits Make Good Business Sense, Especially in Liquefaction Zones

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Is your apartment building on steady ground when it comes to earthquake safety?

If it sits on top of a liquefaction zone, you could be facing the risk of increased damage due to the way the ground reacts in an earthquake.

Liquefaction happens when vibrations in the ground cause soil particles to […]

1 July, 2020

Long Beach is Proactive About Earthquake Safety. Are you?

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Did you know that Long Beach was the testing ground for California’s recently unveiled ShakeAlert early warning system for earthquakes?

Beginning in 2014, the city did beta testing on the application until it was deemed effective enough to roll out to the rest of Los Angeles County and eventually, the state.

It […]

3 June, 2020

Seismic Retrofits Make Good Business Sense. Here’s Why

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Saving lives is the ultimate concern when preparing for an earthquake, but building retrofits bring so many cost benefits that they make good business sense as well. 

Retrofits enhance a building’s value by extending its longevity and making it safer for the people who occupy it. But there are […]

3 May, 2020

Pandemic Turns Thoughts to Other Catastrophic Threats

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The COVID-19 pandemic has us all thinking differently about what it means to be prepared for widespread calamity.

The virus raged into our communities somewhat unexpectedly, much like an earthquake or other natural catastrophe might, and the impacts under these real and projected scenarios are the same: lives lost, hundreds hospitalized, […]

2 March, 2020

Earthquake Resiliency Can Protect California’s Affordable Housing Supply

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-Appeared on Apartment Association California, Southern Cities (AACSC).

How would a massive earthquake impact California’s housing shortage?

The answer is obvious.  A major earthquake that hits densely-populated urban areas would make California’s housing shortage much worse.

Such an earthquake could take a heavy toll on California’s affordable housing supply, […]

3 February, 2020

USGS Seismic Hazard Rating Climbs for SoCal Calling for an Increase in Earthquake Retrofitting

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Earlier predictions of Southern California’s earthquake risk were dire enough as many as 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries, and $200 billion in damage with long-lasting social and economic impacts.

New figures from the U.S. Geological Survey are significantly worse: more than 1,000 dead in Los Angeles alone; major transportation corridors destroyed; water […]

1 January, 2020

The Risks of Evading Hazardous Substance Testing

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Many of us grew up in homes containing lead and asbestos, and as a result, we may sometimes downplay the health hazards these substances pose to humans and the environment alike.

We might feel tempted to bypass the rules by removing these contaminants undercover — hoping that no one finds out.


2 December, 2019

2019: A Big Year for Quakes and Resiliency

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Unsettling news about earthquakes has rattled much of California this year.

Thirty years after the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, a U.S. Geological Survey geologist is calling the Bay Area a “tectonic time bomb,” and the head of U.C. Berkeley’s Seismological Lab is warning that “Loma Prieta was not the […]

30 November, 2019

Early Warnings for Earthquakes are Great, But They Won’t Protect Your Building

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California recently rolled out its early warning system.

And now, new funding from the federal government will help expand or strengthen the system around Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Mammoth and Bishop, where the potential for major earthquakes has been found.

This is great news. The early warning system operates on a network […]