4 November, 2023

Seismic Retrofits Protect Affordable Housing

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Plans to convert a community hospital into a multi-service health care campus were stalled as officials reviewed a state law requiring governments to give priority to affordable housing developers when selling or leasing surplus land.


4 October, 2023

Asbestos? Lead? It Pays To Do Things Right

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Many older homes and apartment buildings contain lead and asbestos.  Owners sometimes downplay the health hazards these substances pose to humans and the environment alike, and feel tempted to bypass the rules by removing these contaminants undercover — hoping that no one finds out.

Failure to comply with the law on […]

4 September, 2023

Earthquakes And Tsunamis: A Double Threat For Coastal Communities

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Two significant earthquake threats face communities in the Apartment Association of California Southern Cities area. 

One is the well-known risk of buildings being damaged by strong seismic shaking. The second is more localized along low coastal areas — the danger of a tsunami triggered by an earthquake […]

3 August, 2023

Earthquake Faults Threaten Both New And Old Buildings

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Should new construction be allowed on top of active earthquake faults? And, what about the thousands of structures already perched upon these fearsome fissures?

These questions have played out in Hollywood and other parts of the Southland in recent years, where a worrisome weave of active faults snakes its way through […]