3 May, 2023

What’s the earthquake risk for your building?

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Risk is not an exact science, but with enough information and statistical data we can pinpoint the types of structures most likely to suffer damage in an earthquake – and where they are.

What earthquake threats does the Southern Cities region face? Let’s start with location: Long Beach in 1933 suffered […]

3 April, 2023

Historic airport terminal slated for retrofit and upgrades

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The storied saga of the Long Beach Airport terminal is destined to live on for generations to come, thanks to a yearlong building renovation that includes a variety of improvements and much-needed seismic retrofitting.

Original Art Deco designs will be restored – including a mosaic masterwork by artist Grace Clements, […]

1 March, 2023

Marking the 90th anniversary of the Long Beach Earthquake

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There are few remaining survivors of the infamous 1933 Long Beach Earthquake, but Poly High School remains a storied reminder of that tragedy: the timing of which – at 5:56 p.m. – saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands of children because classes were not in session.

This month marks […]

4 February, 2023

Thousands of apartment buildings face earthquake risks

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Wood-framed, soft-story apartment buildings were an iconic part of Southern California’s rapid growth and car-crazed culture prior to 1980. With an open ground floor for parking, and dwelling units stacked above, they maximized land use at the expense of safety.

These structures have since been shown to be among a community’s […]

3 January, 2023

Simple Strategies to Planning an Earthquake Retrofit

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California has an average of about 21 earthquakes per day, 150 quakes per week, 7,750 a year.

Most are too small to be noticed, yet our state sees more seismic activity than virtually any other place in the world. California also experiences more earthquake damage than other parts of the U.S. […]

9 June, 2022

Seismic retrofits protect affordable housing

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Plans to convert Long Beach Community Hospital into a multi-service health care campus were recently stalled as officials reviewed a state law requiring governments to give priority to affordable housing developers when selling or leasing surplus land.

When the 98-year-old hospital failed to meet California’s more stringent seismic requirements for a […]

2 May, 2022

Balcony laws require inspections, repairs

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Coastal communities provide an abundance of breathtaking views, often enjoyed from rows of balconies facing west to the ocean and setting sun. These perches are iconic in seaside communities — a big draw for tenants entertaining friends, relaxing with a book, or enjoying their own piece of the outdoors.

Considered a […]

5 April, 2022

Will the Big One increase homelessness?

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How would a major earthquake impact California’s growing homeless population?

In 2019, the number of people in the state without homes grew by more than 21,300 people, or 16.4% — more than all other states in the nation combined — the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported.  It rose […]

4 March, 2022

New, active earthquake faults found in Long Beach and Seal Beach

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Southern California’s mountain ranges are a regional treasure, providing a spectacular backdrop to the communities that make Greater Los Angeles their home.

These natural beauties are the result of a complex web of earthquake faults – ranging in length from less than a mile to hundreds of miles long – crisscrossing […]

2 February, 2022

Earthquakes and Tsunamis: A Double-Whammy for Coastal Communities

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Two significant earthquake threats face communities in the Apartment Association of California Southern Cities area. The first is the risk of building damage associated with seismic shaking. The second is more localized along low coastal areas — the danger of a tsunami triggered by an earthquake that may occur thousands […]