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30 November, 2019

Early Warnings for Earthquakes are Great, But They Won’t Protect Your Building

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California recently rolled out its early warning system.

And now, new funding from the federal government will help expand or strengthen the system around Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Mammoth and Bishop, where the potential for major earthquakes has been found.

This is great news. The early warning system operates on a network […]

27 November, 2019

A powerful undersea earthquake has shaken the Greek island of Crete

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: A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit Wednesday morning the Greek Island of Crete. There were no immediate reports of damage.

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27 November, 2019

The Risks of Non-Ductile Concrete Buildings

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Drive through urban areas and there’s a good chance you’ll pass any number of concrete buildings. It was 1904 when the first concrete high-rise went up in Cincinnati. These structures were popular across the country as early as the turn of the 20th century. Concrete buildings remained prevalent throughout the […]

22 November, 2019

An earthquake safety revolution is spreading along the streets and back alleys of Los Angeles

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According to the LA Times, 27% of Los Angeles’ 11,400 dangerous wood-frame apartments are retrofitted to better resist earthquakes. There are still more than 8,000 soft-story apartment buildings that need to be retrofitted across the city.

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21 November, 2019

Earthquake Resiliency Urged to Protect Pasadena Business Properties and Tenants

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“Earthquake Awareness: Protect Your Property and Tenants” was the subject of a free lunchtime workshop of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association at the Brookside Golf Club recently.

”Californians live and work in earthquake country. Our experience in the Ridgecrest area, reminded us that strong earthquakes can be devastating […]

20 November, 2019

AAOC and Optimum Seismic Hold Workshop On Earthquake Vulnerability and Retrofitting

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Apartment Owners Learn How to Protect Their Properties and Tenants.

Some 50 members of the Apartment Association of Orange County attended an informational workshop conducted by Optimum Seismic, Inc. on Nov. 19 about how property owners can have seismic retrofitting improvements performed to protect their rental property investments and tenants.

In […]

20 November, 2019

6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Chiapas, Mexico

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At 8:27 p.m. a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the state of Chiapas. No information was available about the extent of damages and injuries.

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