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1 January, 2021

After 50 Years, San Fernando Quake Still Provides Lessons

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Half a century ago – on Feb. 9, 1971 – a 6.6-magnitude earthquake rattled the San Fernando Valley, killing 65, injuring 2,500, and causing $505 million in damage ($3.2 billion in today’s dollars).

Forty-seven people perished at one site alone when the San Fernando Veteran’s Hospital crumbled into a heap of […]

15 December, 2020

California Can Safeguard Against Earthquake Risk

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Chaos followed recent earthquake devastation in the Aegean Sea.

The magnitude 7.0 quake of Oct. 30 was the deadliest temblor of 2020[i] – killing 116 in Turkey, and claiming the lives two teenagers in Greece crushed by a wall on the island of Samos[ii]. More than 1,050 […]

21 November, 2020

What is the Cost of Disaster?

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What is the cost of being unprepared for disaster?

In California, the numbers are staggering – and growing.

This year alone, the Golden State has seen natural disaster in the form of COVID-19 as well as record-breaking wildfires, bringing price tags to taxpayers in the tens of billions of dollars.