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31 January, 2019

Oil drilling increased LA earthquake risk during the early 20th century

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A look at the history of oil drilling in Los Angeles revealed that drilling was linked to mild earthquakes that occurred from 1935 and 1944. According to the Los Angeles Times, oil drilling may have been responsible for half of the mid-sized earthquakes that stuck in the early 20th century.


30 January, 2019

5.7 earthquake hits Taiwan

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The 5.7 earthquake hit Taiwanese at 1:21 p.m. No reports of damage or casualties were reported. The earthquake rocked buildings all over the island including the capital. Taiwan is located on the Ring of Fire.

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30 January, 2019

Redlands, California was hit with a 3.4 quake

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Citizens in the Redlands area were awakened by a 3.4 earthquake at 12 a.m. It had a depth of 9.9 miles.

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29 January, 2019

Governor Newsom’s first budget includes 16.3 million to finish the earthquake early warning system

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California’s Governor Gavin Newsom’s first budget includes $16.3 million to finish building California’s part of the project. The project is in partnership with USGS, it uses hundreds of seismic sensing stations placed throughout California, Oregon and Washington. Why it works is because they are getting data in real time from […]

25 January, 2019

Mayor London Breed, orders the city of San Francisco to prepare for the big one

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The mayor of San Francisco has ordered the city to prepare for the next earthquake. Mayor London Breed said, “we should be working to prepare for it” she is ordering the city to “make our building safer now, but also a comprehensive plan.” A study by U.S. Geological Survey calculation […]

24 January, 2019

Silent Slip serve before a big earthquake

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Oregon State University new study suggest; big earthquakes follow a brief episode of “shallow mantle creep” and “seismic swarms.” This explains the foreshocks observed before temblors. The research involved the Blanco Transform Fault off the coast of Oregon.

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23 January, 2019

Another aftershock strikes Southcentral Alaska

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On Tuesday night a 4.5 earthquake hit Southcentral Alaska. The earthquake was the latest of thousands of aftershocks after the big 7.0 on November 30. Seismologist says these after shocks will occur until the region returns to pre-Nov 30 levels of seismic activity.

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21 January, 2019

2.1 earthquake hits Inglewood

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At 1:13 a.m. a 2.1 magnitude earthquake hit Inglewood. Residents reported to being woken up by the quake. This serves as a reminder that the Newport-Inglewood fault has long been considered one of Southern California’s tope seismic danger zones.

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