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27 June, 2018

The Big One Could Leave 250,000-400,000 Quake Refugees in California. Where will they go?

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When a catastrophic earthquake hits California, buildings will topple and potentially hundreds could be killed. But what gets less attention is the wrenching aftermath of such a huge temblor, which could leave hundreds of thousands of people without a home. Officials are grappling with where all these quake refugees would […]

27 June, 2018

Stanford Study Casts Doubt on the Predictive Value of Earthquake Foreshocks

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A new study published this month in Nature Geoscience has cast doubt on earlier theories that seismic activity before an earthquake can help to predict when that quake will come.

For more info, please read the original article by Stanford University:

27 June, 2018

At Risk in a Big Quake: 39 of San Francisco’s Top High Rises

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A report by the U.S. Geological Survey includes a list of buildings that are potentially vulnerable to a large quake. Some of San Francisco’s most prominent high rises are on the list.

For more info, please read the original article by Thomas Fuller of the New York Times:

27 June, 2018

Japanese Authorities were Warned about Concrete Wall Before it Collapsed and Killed a Girl in Osaka Earthquake.

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Following the fatal collapse of a concrete wall at a school in Osaka, Japan, officials have admitted that they were warned about the structure three years earlier, but determined it was not a threat after they inspected it for cracks and hit it with a stick.

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16 June, 2018

Getting a Retrofit? Don’t Skirt Hazardous Substance Testing

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Asbestos and lead, once touted as miracle materials for construction, now stir feelings of dread among owners of older apartment structures.

The discovery of these substances in the stucco, walls, paint, ceilings and other components of a building can substantially increase the cost of any demolition or […]

8 June, 2018

Retrofits Offer No Guarantees, But They Are Proven to Work

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June 2018 Newsletter.

California isn’t the only state holding earthquake drills. Last week, Arizona held a practice run — preparing for some 400,000 evacuees from California fleeing “The Big One.” More than 1,000 agencies […]

6 June, 2018

More than 800 West Hollywood Buildings Could Collapse in a Big Quake

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The city of West Hollywood has identified more than 800 buildings that are at risk of damage or collapse in a major earthquake, the Los Angeles Times has reported. About 90 percent of those structures are wood-framed, soft-story buildings such as apartments with carports on the ground […]

5 June, 2018

How Did the Leaning Tower of Pisa Survive 600 Years of Earthquakes?

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Many people are amazed enough that the Leaning Tower of Pisa has stood the test of time since 1178. What’s even more remarkable is how it survived so many earthquakes over that time. A team of Italian and British engineers and geologists are saying it’s the tilt of the tower […]

5 June, 2018

Global Earthquake Forecast Passes Test

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Worldwide annual earthquake forecasting may soon be considered valid, according to a newly accepted study by the journal, Seismological Research Letters. The study tested the Global Earthquake Activity Rate (GEAR) model against earlier models and found that GEAR out-performed the other models. Gear is globally uniform, blending 40 years of […]

5 June, 2018

Washington Eyes Tsunami Risk in State’s Earthquake Resiliency Plans

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Washington officials are working to make their state more resilient not only to earthquakes, but to tsunamis as well. More than 20 leaders from around the state attended a recent meeting to discuss earthquake safety for schools, particularly those along the coast that may be threatened by an earthquake-triggered tsunami, […]