Seismic Retrofit

3 April, 2023

Historic airport terminal slated for retrofit and upgrades

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The storied saga of the Long Beach Airport terminal is destined to live on for generations to come, thanks to a yearlong building renovation that includes a variety of improvements and much-needed seismic retrofitting.

Original Art Deco designs will be restored – including a mosaic masterwork by artist Grace Clements, […]

3 March, 2023

Is L.A. Ready for a $250 billion earthquake disaster?

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Los Angeles County suffered more than $100 million in damage to public property from the barrage of fierce atmospheric river storms that battered the state in early 2023. Costs associated with that damage include debris removal, road and bridge repair and flood damage to buildings – including a sink hole […]

2 March, 2023

How much would an earthquake cost you?

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Sixty miles up the 405 freeway stands the sprawling 95-acre Anheuser-Busch brewery where, since 1954, some of the world’s most famous beer labels are made: Budweiser, Bud Light and more recent labels like Bud Ice, Kirin Ichiban and Chelada.

That Van Nuys facility today is a testament to the financial benefits […]

29 December, 2022

Mayor Bass Applauds LA’s progress on Earthquake Retrofits of Apartment Buildings

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Mayor Karen Bass praised the earthquake safety achievements of the City of Los Angeles during her inaugural speech on December 11, 2022.

Mayor Bass credited the achievements to former Mayor Eric Garcetti by telling him “Your legacy is large.”  She noted Angelenos will be benefitting from Garcetti’s leadership in the years […]

9 June, 2022

Seismic retrofits protect affordable housing

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Plans to convert Long Beach Community Hospital into a multi-service health care campus were recently stalled as officials reviewed a state law requiring governments to give priority to affordable housing developers when selling or leasing surplus land.

When the 98-year-old hospital failed to meet California’s more stringent seismic requirements for a […]

26 October, 2021

Los Angeles Marks Earthquake Resilience Milestone

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was joined by Optimum Seismic Co-Founder Ali Sahabi at a press conference celebrating the city’s 7,000th earthquake retrofit — a big step in the city’s ongoing push for greater earthquake resilience.  The event was held in conjunction with the Great Shakeout in October

LOS […]

31 May, 2021

Earthquake Safety Advances and Innovations

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The last time Lakisha Woods went to buy a car, she was sold on the safety features: forward collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot and lane departure warnings, to name just a few.

“When I went to buy a home a year later, nobody told me about the safety […]

15 December, 2020

Seismic Engineers: Outwitting Earthquakes with Smart Design

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The Third Little Pig built his house out of brick, so when the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed – it didn’t blow down.

But what if that childhood fable’s menace had been an earthquake instead?

The outcome of that story could be much different.

Brick, concrete, and steel were once considered indestructible […]