Seismic Retrofit

8 January, 2019

Seismic Hazard Map Identifies Building Risks

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Green areas on this hazards map indicate liquefaction zones that are particularly vulnerable to earthquake damage. (Credit USGS) Is your apartment building located within a fault, landslide or liquefaction zone? The United States Geological Survey has published an interactive map online, enabling the public to search by property address to determine the [...]

28 November, 2018

Seismic Retrofits: It’s What You Don’t Know That Can Hurt You

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Generally speaking, knowledge is the key to understanding threats and developing strategies to overcome them. We ask our loved ones to wear their seatbelts, because we know that their chances of surviving a crash are so much better with them on. Likewise, structural engineers and seismologists, for years, have been working together to better [...]

28 November, 2018

Why Retrofits, Like Seatbelts, Should not be Taken Lightly

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People often reference the Northridge earthquake of 1994 when they speak about seismic disasters. After all, it’s something many of us experienced first-hand: an event that we can relate to. The 6.7-magnitude thrust of the quake rattled Southern California a mere 10 to 20 seconds and caused $67 billion in widespread damage. Yet the [...]

2 October, 2018

Facing a Deadline? Don’t Rush Your Retrofit Requirement

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Are you feeling rushed to meet seismic retrofit deadlines imposed to by Los Angeles Department of Building Services? The cut-off date for engineering studies of older wood-framed, soft-story structures has passed for more than 150 properties, with many others fast approaching. Faced with these tight deadlines, many apartment owners may feel pushed to act [...]

22 August, 2018

Tips to Cost Recovery for Your Seismic Retrofit

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A key worry among apartment owners faced with any major renovation, repair or alteration of their building is the impact that construction could have on their tenants — and whether the outcome of their Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) will require added expenses. These extra costs might include paying for additional precautions to minimize impacts, [...]

16 June, 2018

Getting a Retrofit? Don’t Skirt Hazardous Substance Testing

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Asbestos and lead, once touted as miracle materials for construction, now stir feelings of dread among owners of older apartment structures. The discovery of these substances in the stucco, walls, paint, ceilings and other components of a building can substantially increase the cost of any demolition or reconstruction project. Once found, state, local and [...]

15 February, 2018

Seismic Retrofitting Approaches to 5 Common Building Types

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No two buildings are exactly alike. In fact, some that may seem at first appearance to be identical can display significant differences based on a number of factors, including structural composition, materials, the wear and tear on the building, even the composition of the soil beneath it. It’s impossible, then, to give specifications to [...]

19 January, 2018

The Value of Safety in your Seismic Retrofit Project

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Why it pays to select contractors that comply with professional and occupational standards. Construction, when done wrong, can be an industry fraught with workplace injury. On any given day, more than six million people work at some 252,000 construction sites across the nation, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In 2015, 927 construction [...]

10 October, 2017

Building Owners Move Forward With Retrofits Even When Not Required By Law

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Earthquakes don’t heed the legislative boundaries that define a city’s limits. That’s why, many property owners not bound by any safety ordinance are taking action and having their buildings retrofitted anyway – not because of the law, but because it’s the right thing to do. In Glendale and many other cities, there is a [...]

5 October, 2017

The Three Basic Components of a Seismic Retrofit

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Every building is different, and the approaches to safeguarding a structure against earthquake damage are incredibly diverse. Naturally, every building owner has specific questions about his or her project: What will you need to do to my building? How long will it take? How much will it cost? It’s impossible to answer without seeing the [...]