Seismic Retrofit

2 December, 2020

Optimum Seismic Retrofits Reduce Tenant Impacts, Preserve Rental Income

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Apartment owners faced with any major renovation, repair or alteration of their building are often concerned with the impacts construction could have on their tenants — and whether the work will require added expenses.

These extra costs can include paying for additional precautions to minimize impacts, establishing alternative parking when assigned […]

1 November, 2020

The Puente Hills Fault: L.A.’s Biggest Monster

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Tokyo had Godzilla.

Los Angeles, for more than a century, has feared the notorious San Andreas Fault.

But Angelenos have been overlooking a closer and even more deadly monster: the Puente Hills fault, which could kill more people and cause more damage than the San Andreas in the LA area because it […]

3 August, 2020

Earthquake Disaster Risks Drop As We Become Resilient

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Orange County, like most large metropolitan areas in the nation, operates an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that is the communication and coordination hub for all emergency response situations we may face as a region such as earthquakes and major fires.

Comprised of representatives from public agencies and special districts throughout the […]