Seismic Retrofit

4 November, 2023

Seismic Retrofits Protect Affordable Housing

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Plans to convert a community hospital into a multi-service health care campus were stalled as officials reviewed a state law requiring governments to give priority to affordable housing developers when selling or leasing surplus land.


13 July, 2023

Cities Act to Reduce Earthquake Risks, While Others Lag Behind on Quake Safety

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While a growing number of local governments in California have moved forward with seismic retrofit ordinances in the last decade, most cities still don’t have these important public safety laws in place.

And since earthquakes can strike virtually anywhere at any time in California, communities which have not addressed seismic issues […]

3 April, 2023

Historic airport terminal slated for retrofit and upgrades

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The storied saga of the Long Beach Airport terminal is destined to live on for generations to come, thanks to a yearlong building renovation that includes a variety of improvements and much-needed seismic retrofitting.

Original Art Deco designs will be restored – including a mosaic masterwork by artist Grace Clements, […]

3 March, 2023

Is L.A. Ready for a $250 billion earthquake disaster?

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Los Angeles County suffered more than $100 million in damage to public property from the barrage of fierce atmospheric river storms that battered the state in early 2023. Costs associated with that damage include debris removal, road and bridge repair and flood damage to buildings – including a sink hole […]