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28 September, 2018

Indonesia Hit With a 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake

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A series of earthquakes hit Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island, including 7.5-magnitude tremor near Palu City. USGS said, “this has caused sever shaking damaged is said to be moderate to heavy”.. Watch Video Below Courtesy Of CNN

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27 September, 2018

13% of California homeowners have earthquake insurance

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California is known for its earthquakes, yet many homeowners are underinsured and many think it’s too pricey. Why is that? “What are we going to do when no-one has insurance and everyone has damage?” remarked the University of California, Berkeley earthquake expert Mary Comerio.

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26 September, 2018

Man Made Earthquakes in Oklahoma

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During recent years citizens of Oklahoma have been feeling earthquakes. Earthquakes in Oklahoma and Kansas have been on the rise, due to water waste injections a product by the oil and gas operations. A new model developed by Stanford University researchers incorporates earthquake physics and the Earth’s […]

25 September, 2018

Who will help when the “Big One” hits? Arizona starts making preparations

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The big question is, what will you do when the “Big One” hit? What will Arizona do when the “Big One” hit and how they could help? Watch Video Below Courtesy Of FOX 10 News

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22 September, 2018

New findings on small earthquakes in California’s San Bernardino

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New findings on small earthquakes in California’s San Bernardino basin reveals something odd is happening underground. The study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, looked at deformation patterns for thousands of quakes below the San Jacinto and San Andreas faults.

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19 September, 2018

Salt Lake City Receives Federal State Grants for Home Owners to Retrofit Home

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On Monday Federal officials said a Salt Lake program received a $1.9 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that will help pay to protect 100 city homes from earthquakes. A survey released in 2016 from the U.S. Geological Survey and a Utah Geological Survey explained there is a […]

18 September, 2018

Pasadena is setting a plan in motion for a mandatory Seismic Retrofit Ordinance

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Nearly around 500 Pasadena property owners will receive a letter from the city informing them they may need to be seismic retrofit to meet new, toughened earthquake safety standards. The city has been working since May to develop an ordinance for “soft-story” structures. The ordinance is to appear before the […]

17 September, 2018

Earthquake felt in San Diego County

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Early Sunday morning residents of Lake Henshaw were woken up by a small tremor of 3.3. Some light shaking was felt across San Diego County. It occurred on the Julian section of the Elsinore fault.

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12 September, 2018

Ab 2681 is Awaiting Governor Jerry Brown’s Signature

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Ab 2681 is a bill by Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian (D-North Hollywood) that is currently awaiting Governor Jerry Brown signature. The bill would require all the cities and counties of California to make a list of potentially vulnerable buildings that could be damaged or collapse in an event of an earthquake. […]