Earthquake Safety

1 September, 2023

Will An Earthquake Red-Tag Your Building?

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We don’t know exactly where or when the next major earthquake will strike, but we do know that quakes are inevitable in California and many other states.

It’s also clear what buildings will likely suffer the most severe damage from seismic shaking.

Beyond these facts, it’s wise to assess your apartment building’s […]

12 July, 2023

Santa Monica builds strong record on quake safety

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Santa Monica is recognized as a leader in California earthquake safety, having retrofitted more than half of its seismically vulnerable buildings.

Ambitious efforts to upgrade several types of structures that historically have caused death and destruction during major earthquakes set the city apart as a model for communities starting to deal […]

4 July, 2023

Retrofits Reduce Earthquake Risks

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Asking “what’s the worst thing that could happen” is the best way for apartment owners to begin preparing to prevent costly earthquake losses that could lead to bankruptcy.

Imagine you wake up tomorrow to terrible shaking.  Within hours you learn the apartment buildings you worked for throughout your life have partially […]

1 July, 2023

Quake Safety: Retrofit, Insurance, Or Both?

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Insurance carriers track the pulse of California’s earthquake liabilities, just as they monitor trends in fire, flood, hurricanes, and other hazards that cause claims to be filed for property damage, injury or death.

Warnings from seismologists that California is long overdue for a major earthquake has property owners and insurance actuaries […]

2 January, 2023

Potential at-risk Buildings Identified in San Diego

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Where can potentially unsafe, soft-story apartment building be found in San Diego?  And how many such buildings are there?

Those questions and similar ones about other counties in California led Optimum Seismic, Inc. and the U.S. Resiliency Council to team up with Esri, a leading mapping company, to combine resources to […]

2 March, 2022

Earthquake shakes San Diego, but more devastating quake looms

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Did you feel that jarring 4.0 magnitude jolt of an earthquake recently?

People across San Diego County reported feeling the Jan. 30 temblor, which struck near the Palomar Observatory but could be felt from Chula Vista to Escondido, and into parts of Riverside and Orange counties.

“It was really powerful,” Valerie Mitchell […]