Earthquake Retrofit Contractor

2 June, 2020

Select the Right Earthquake Retrofit Company

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Are you worried your apartment building may be seriously damaged in a major earthquake resulting in casualties and loss of your future income?

If so, doing the proper homework will get you off on the right foot towards a successful earthquake retrofit project.

The most important part of the process is selecting […]

22 January, 2020

3 Criteria for Choosing an Experienced Seismic Retrofit Contractor

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The final judge of the quality of any seismic retrofit work is really the next big earthquake. Everyone living, working and owning property here in Southern California knows this, but sometimes this fact gets muddled with legislation, owner’s liability concerns, building codes, and the cost of earthquake retrofits. Obviously, there […]

6 January, 2020

6 Tips for Hiring an Earthquake Retrofit Contractor

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In Southern California, earthquake building codes should be taken seriously. Everyone who owns a building in Los Angeles needs to take responsibility to get seismic retrofitting work done to prevent or reduce property damage, injury and death from earthquakes.

As we know, earthquakes aren’t just a possibility here—they’re a certainty. […]