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31 January, 2020

Carpinteria Considers Mandatory Seismic Retrofitting

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The City of Carpinteria is considering doing a seismic retrofit ordinance for their soft-story buildings built before 1991. They city believes 14 buildings would be affected by this ordinance.

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24 January, 2020

Make it Last: Extending the Lifespan of Today’s Buildings through Adaptive Reuse and Resiliency

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Don’t throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again

These popular lyrics, from the 1974 movie “All That Jazz,” reflect the continual push by society to tap into something unique, even when it seems that everything has been done before.”

It’s […]

24 January, 2020

Expert Soft-Story Retrofits in Los Angeles Make Apartment Buildings Earthquake Resistant

By |2020-01-24T16:16:38+00:00January 24th, 2020|Earthquake Resilience, Soft Story Seismic Retrofit|

Earthquakes are a part of life in Southern California. “The Big One” can hit anytime. Buildings with a “soft-story” are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes. Soft-story buildings usually have a large, open ground floor space like a parking area, with one or more stories above it. Without shear walls and other […]

24 January, 2020

Optimum Seismic’s Ali Sahabi Joins Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

By |2020-02-06T14:35:02+00:00January 24th, 2020|Press Release|

Optimum Seismic, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer, Ali Sahabi, a leading expert in disaster resilience and sustainability, has joined the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

“We are excited Ali Sahabi is joining the Board of Directors, his passion for the region will complement the Chamber’s bold new strategic […]

23 January, 2020

Are California’s Hospitals Ready for An Earthquake

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Many hospitals fit the criteria and are not ready for the “Big One”. The Seismic Safety Act originally gave hospitals until 2008 to make their buildings safe in a major quake. Many hospitals applied for an extension until January 1st, 2020 and have now applied and been granted new extensions, […]

22 January, 2020

3 Criteria for Choosing an Experienced Seismic Retrofit Contractor

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The final judge of the quality of any seismic retrofit work is really the next big earthquake. Everyone living, working and owning property here in Southern California knows this, but sometimes this fact gets muddled with legislation, owner’s liability concerns, building codes, and the cost of earthquake retrofits. Obviously, there […]

17 January, 2020

Prevent Further Disasters with Earthquake Resistant Building Designs

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In recent decades, engineers and architects have learned a lot about how to make structures more impervious to earthquakes. New materials and designs have been introduced to make buildings better equipped for future earthquakes to come.

However, there are delays in building authorities adopting these newly developed materials due to inertia […]

17 January, 2020

What we learned from the Northridge Earthquake

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The Northridge earthquake showed the vulnerability in the welded and bolted connections of what are called moment frames. Until then, they had been considered seismic-proof. And this wasn’t just at the Getty.

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16 January, 2020

Is Earthquake Weather A Thing?

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Research geophysicist Brad Aagard from the United States Geological Survey Center says there’s no such thing. It’s just a common myth that earthquakes occur in certain weather.

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