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30 October, 2018

Title: 6.2 earthquake strikes New Zealand

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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand’s central North Island on Tuesday. There were no immediate reports of injury or damage, though parliament in Wellington was briefly suspended after the quake at 3:13 p.m. local time.

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30 October, 2018

AI to help with the next “Big One”

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With the help of artificial intelligence, scientist say changes in the way can analyze seismic data can help better understand earthquakes and provide a more accurate early warnings. The believe AI can help with new insights.

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29 October, 2018

6.4 magnitude quake strikes Argentina tourist resort

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A 6.4 magnitude quake strikes near the coastal region of Argentina’s Ushuaia this morning. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties from the quake. The USGS has so far said buildings in the region are built to survive earthquake impacts, but some are still prone to damage.


26 October, 2018

2017 Mexican earthquake split a tectonic plate in two

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The 8.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred on September 2017 in Mexico that brought havoc and 98 deaths split the tectonic plate responsible for the quake in half.. Watch Video Below Courtesy Of Fox News

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23 October, 2018

Recently discovered active fault lines on Mount Hood that could potentially trigger a magnitude 7.2 earthquake

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Recently researchers discovered active fault lines on Mount Hood that could triggered a magnitude 7.2 earthquake. The fault networks are located to the north, south, and southwest of Mount Hood and extend to the Columbia River.. Watch Video Below Courtesy Of K5 News […]

22 October, 2018

Four earthquakes have hit the coast of Canada

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According to the USGS, the four quakes hit between 5.39am and 6.36am GMT on Monday. There are no reports of casualties or damage from the quakes and no tsunami warning.

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22 October, 2018

Why are some earthquakes more destructive than others

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Earthquake don’t kill people- buildings do, or bridges, or failing dams, or fires from ruptured gas lines. Nothing makes a bigger difference in an earthquake’s death toll than infrastructure, especially when population is dense. Tsunamis are devastating —inescapable and nearly unsurvivable if you’re in their path. They usually occur by […]

19 October, 2018

How will an earthquake affect the California’s Housing Crisis

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On Thursday was the 10th anniversary of the ShakeOut, an earthquake drill that has expanded to seismic-prone areas across the globe. Forrest Lanning, earthquake program manager in California for FEMA, warned the handful of reporters in attendance at the Berkeley event that many Californians will be “on their own” after […]

18 October, 2018

Developers testing an earthquake early warning system for the West Coast

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Good news the system being built for California, Oregon and Washington detects an earthquake is occurring and sends out alerts that may give warnings of few seconds to perhaps a minute before shaking arrives at locations away from the epicenter. The alerts are ready to be used more broadly, but […]