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8 May, 2023

South Florida Condo Evacuated Due to Concerns with Structural Safety

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South Florida Condo Evacuated Due to Concerns with Structural Safety

Ali Sahabi, GEC
Optimum Seismic, Inc.

Residents of a South Florida condominium building were overcome with […]

4 May, 2023

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Building’s Resilience and Marketability

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Does your apartment building meet today’s standards for functionality, design and seismic safety?

Today’s tenants have higher standards when it comes to style, convenience and earthquake safety. A recent Suffolk University/Los Angeles Times poll showed that 80% of Angelenos support their city’s mandatory seismic retrofit law —and, there are many vulnerable […]

3 May, 2023

What’s the earthquake risk for your building?

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Risk is not an exact science, but with enough information and statistical data we can pinpoint the types of structures most likely to suffer damage in an earthquake – and where they are.

What earthquake threats does the Southern Cities region face? Let’s start with location: Long Beach in 1933 suffered […]

2 May, 2023

Upstaged by pirates and ice cream, building safety matters, too

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Happy Building Safety Month! This low-profile observance, an international celebration of safe and sound structures, rarely gets noticed outside of the industry. It’s the unsung understudy to causes nearer and dearer to people’s hearts like ice cream, talking like pirates, even Ferris wheels.

Yet buildings play an ever-present and vital role […]

1 May, 2023

Does your apartment building pass the 80% test?

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Real estate trends are fueled by popular opinion. Wood paneling and shag carpet have long since made way for today’s bright walls and wood-style flooring. Functionality has changed as well, with tenants demanding larger open spaces, natural light, and now — seismic safety.

A whopping 80% of Los Angeles residents support […]