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7 April, 2023

Poll shows overwhelming support for retrofit law to mitigate impacts of earthquake disasters

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Poll shows overwhelming support for retrofit law to mitigate impacts of earthquake disasters

Ali Sahabi, GEC
Optimum Seismic, Inc.

A new poll shows overwhelming support […]

4 April, 2023

Is your apartment building at risk in an earthquake?

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Nobody knows where or when the next major earthquake will strike. And while there is clear evidence about what types of buildings are most likely to suffer damage from seismic shaking, it’s always best to know your risks by having your apartment building inspected to identify its own unique strengths […]

3 April, 2023

Historic airport terminal slated for retrofit and upgrades

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The storied saga of the Long Beach Airport terminal is destined to live on for generations to come, thanks to a yearlong building renovation that includes a variety of improvements and much-needed seismic retrofitting.

Original Art Deco designs will be restored – including a mosaic masterwork by artist Grace Clements, […]

2 April, 2023

Be prepared for the earthquake beast!

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Before the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, many Californians felt confident that they knew enough about earthquakes. But after 50,000 people died in these quakes, many people are asking a straight forward question: “Can similar earthquakes happen in San Diego or other areas of California?”

Experts offer a short answer. […]

1 April, 2023

Earthquake disaster shows importance of L.A.’s nonductile concrete retrofit law

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We were all shaken by reports of February’s earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria.  Nearly 50,000 were confirmed dead, and at least 164,000 buildings collapsed or were so badly damaged they need to be demolished. From the comfort of our homes, it’s easy to think we are immune to such […]

1 April, 2023

Federal study dives deep into earthquake resilience and economics

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What do earthquakes and building safety have to do with the economy? A new federal study is doing a thorough analysis of this topic, identifying a framework of codes and standards to protect not just lives but livelihoods in the face of earthquake disaster.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, […]