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29 December, 2022

Mayor Bass Applauds LA’s progress on Earthquake Retrofits of Apartment Buildings

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Mayor Karen Bass praised the earthquake safety achievements of the City of Los Angeles during her inaugural speech on December 11, 2022.

Mayor Bass credited the achievements to former Mayor Eric Garcetti by telling him “Your legacy is large.”  She noted Angelenos will be benefitting from Garcetti’s leadership in the years […]

2 January, 2022

Quake retrofits may qualify for cost recovery

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A worry apartment owners may face when doing earthquake retrofits, major renovations or repairs is the impact that construction could have on their tenants — and whether their Tenant Habitability Plan will add significant expenses to their project.

Extra costs might include precautions to minimize impacts, such as establishing alternative parking […]

1 December, 2021

Mayor Garcetti joins Optimum Seismic to mark retrofit milestone

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Seven thousand.

That’s how many buildings have been retrofitted for earthquake safety since Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2015 signed a historic law requiring seismic fortification for 12,558 older soft-story structures in the city.

I joined the mayor at an apartment building retrofitted by Optimum Seismic to celebrate this milestone, which […]

2 October, 2021

Assembly member supports better building standards, incentives

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Anyone who has lived through a major earthquake knows the event is unforgettable.

“The sound of the rumbling of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake was something I never experienced before,” Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian said recently, recalling his time in college just before transferring from Cal State Northridge to UCLA. […]

4 September, 2021

Four tips to selecting a qualified earthquake retrofit company

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Rising concern with the threat of earthquakes in Southern California communities has many new companies trying to break into the seismic retrofit industry.

Be careful not to let a poor job done by an inexperienced company become a costly lesson for you.

Plumbers, handymen, kitchen and bathroom remodelers: many of these outfits […]