Optimum Seismic Provides Memberships for New Members

Guidelines for building more earthquake-resilient structures were discussed at the Tri-County meeting of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) held recently in Santa Barbara.

The structural engineers group heard a presentation by Jeremy Callister, S.E., associate principal at Degenkolb Engineers, on the inception and evolution of the SEAOSC “Blue Book” which since 1959 has set forth guidelines for earthquake-resilient buildings.

Jeremy Callister, S.E.
Associate Principal
Degenkolb Engineers

“Jeremy Callister did an excellent job of describing the important role this publication has played for more than 50 years in advancing earthquake-resilient buildings in California,” says Ali Sahabi, chief operating officer of Optimum Seismic, Inc., and a recognized expert in seismic resilience and sustainability.  “His presentation illustrates how individual members can help to educate their colleagues in the structural engineering profession.”

Published by the SEAOC Seismology Committee the “Blue Book” has heavily influenced the seismic design of structures in California. Until 1999 the publication was intended to help public agencies write minimum building code requirements. More recently, there has been increased momentum for building more earthquake-resilient structures that go beyond minimum earthquake code standards.

There has also been growing public awareness regarding the expected performance of minimum code designed buildings and their potential economic impact on a community in a major earthquake.

“SEAOSC’s 1,100 members play an important role in making our communities safer through excellence in structural engineering,” says SEAOSC Executive Director Dianne Ochoa.  “SEAOSC provides practical engineering guidance for those professionals interested in designing more resilient buildings.”

During the session, Optimum Seismic offered to pay a one year membership fee for those guests and visitors attending their first SEAOSC dinner meeting. It was the second time in recent months that Optimum Seismic has provided membership scholarships for new members.


The Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) is the premier organization for local Structural Engineers. The organization serves its members and the Profession of Structural Engineering by fostering and promoting the contributions of structural engineers to society.  SEAOSC empowers its members and advances the Structural Engineering Profession in service to our community.

About Optimum Seismic

Optimum Seismic is a leading earthquake and seismic retrofit contracting company. The Optimum team of professionals have been making California cities safer for 35 years. Optimum Seismic’s in-house team of structural engineers, steel fabricators and construction retrofit experts has completed over 3,000 projects since 1984.

MAKING BUILDINGS SAFER – Members of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California met in Santa Barbara recently. Pictured are (l to r): Optimum Seismic Chief Operating Officer Ali Sahabi; SEAOSC President Elect Matt Barnard, SE, Degenkolb Structural Engineers; Director Tom Harris, California Code Check; Treasurer Kelsey Parolini, PE, SE, SSG Structural Engineers, Ltd.; and President Ken O’Dell, SE, MHP, Inc. Structural Engineers.