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13 December, 2018

Will an earthquake hit in the Midwest, South?

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People assume its not a matter of if a “big one” will hit border the Mississippi but a matter of when. In recent weeks tiny tremors have hit the surrounding states and scientists have seen evidence that the central Mississippi River valley has seen major earthquakes for more than 4,000 […]

12 December, 2018

Soon, Oakland may have a soft story retrofit ordinance

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The ordinance will apply to soft story apartment buildings built before 1991. The main reason they are doing this is because, “If we don’t increase the integrity of the buildings, not only will we have loss of life, but massive displacement,” Kalb said. Oakland has about 2,810 buildings that would […]

11 December, 2018

Rocket Science: Propelling a Better Understanding of Seismic Safety

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-Appeared on Apartment Association Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA).

The recent Mars landing of NASA’s robotic lander InSight means we can now look forward to two years of data from seismic monitoring and underground temperature readings that will unlock mysteries about the origin of the red […]

11 December, 2018

Glenwood Springs hit by 2 earthquakes

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Aspen, Colorado was woken up by one earthquake and then a follow up earthquake. The first one was around Glenwood Springs with a 3.2 magnitude. The second one a 3.6 magnitude around 4:07 am.

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11 December, 2018

a 7.1 earthquake near Antarctica

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On Monday the 7.1 earthquake struck on southern Pacific Ocean. The U.S. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said in an advisory that it did not cause a tsunami threat.

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10 December, 2018

Recovery in the Aftermath of Disaster: Why Preparation is the Best Option

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-Appeared on Apartment Association California, Southern Cities (AACSC).

California just experienced its deadliest and most destructive wildfire, ever. Nearly 14,000 homes, 530 commercial structures and 4,300 other buildings were destroyed in November when the Cal Fire ravaged the Butte County landscape, incinerating entire communities like […]

10 December, 2018

Oregon has a new playbook for preparing and responding to a major earthquake

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Oregon faces the threat of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that would hot the 700-mile Cascadia Subduction Zone. The playbook provides a two-week blueprint for the state’s response and expectations for prioritizing Oregon’s recovery. from what would be the deadliest natural disaster in the U.S.

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10 December, 2018

A 3.2 quake strikes Castle Rock Springs

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Residents of Castle Rock springs were going to bed, not before a 3.2 magnitude hit at 11:38 p.m. So, far no reports of any damages or aftershocks.

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6 December, 2018

Seismic retrofits: It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you

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December 2018 Newsletter.

Drop, cover and hold on. If you remember anything about earthquakes, make it this. I found reports of last week’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Anchorage alarming due to the countless descriptions I […]