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February 2018 Newsletter. 

Humans, throughout history, have tied nature to the cause of certain phenomenon. This is particularly true for earthquake lore. In ancient times, many people believed earthquakes were caused by huge animals, angry gods and giants. Current folklore attempts to find causal links between moon phases and earthquakes, but this theory has been debunked by a new study published in Seismic Research Letters. Given the recent spectacle nature provided us with the “super blue blood moon,” (the first since 1866), many may have thought “The Big One” was eminent. It’s true that it could come any day, but these predictions are founded on the science of plate tectonics. Seismologists say California is due for an 8.2 “mega-quake, the results of which would be catastrophic. Optimum Seismic is leading the way to making our cities safer with seismic retrofits. Please contact us today for a free consultation about your building.

Ali Sahabi, GEC
Principal, Optimum Seismic, Inc.

New Study: Earthquakes Not Affected by Moon Phases

New Study: Earthquakes Not Affected by Moon Phases

The patterns some observers see as linking large quakes with specific parts of the lunar cycle are no different from the patterns you would get from random data, a USGS scientist concluded.

Tips to Protecting Yourself During Retrofit Construction

Tips to Protecting Yourself During Retrofit Construction

Liability, injuries and damage to personal property are just a few of the concerns facing building owners when selecting a seismic retrofit contractor. Here are some tips to protect yourself and your assets.

Impending Earthquake Threat

‘Ring of Fire’ Faces Serious, Impending Earthquake Threat

Ninety percent of all earthquakes happen in the Ring of Fire, which circumvents the Pacific Ocean. A recent 7.9 magnitude quake off Alaska has scientists predicting another quake of perhaps even greater magnitude, soon.

Earthquake Energy

NOVA: Quakes Like ‘Many Thousands of Nuclear Bombs’

An earthquake’s energy is equivalent to many thousands of nuclear bombs, NOVA reported in this 3-minute video, ‘Earthquake! When Plates Collide.’
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optimum seismic retrofit workshop

March Seminars Scheduled for Building Owners, Officials

Optimum Seismic is teaming up with BizFed and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles on three separate seminars to be held in March. Government officials will be attending our BizFed-sponsored event at Metropolitan Water District. AAGLA is the host of seminars geared for apartment owners. Click here to register and learn more.