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Ali Sahabi has been a licensed General Engineering Contractor (GEC) since 1993, and is a principal at Optimum Seismic, Inc. He has completed hundreds of seismic retrofitting and adaptive reuse projects for multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout California.
23 January, 2019

Another aftershock strikes Southcentral Alaska

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On Tuesday night a 4.5 earthquake hit Southcentral Alaska. The earthquake was the latest of thousands of aftershocks after the big 7.0 on November 30. Seismologist says these after shocks will occur until the region returns to pre-Nov 30 levels of seismic activity. For more info, please read the original article by Anchorage Daily News [...]

22 January, 2019

Facts about earthquakes

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Did you know an earthquake has happened in every state in the U.S. and also occur on the moon. Or did you know the deadliest earthquake happened in central China in 1556. Many more fun facts like this. For more info, please read the original article by AJC :

21 January, 2019

2.1 earthquake hits Inglewood

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At 1:13 a.m. a 2.1 magnitude earthquake hit Inglewood. Residents reported to being woken up by the quake. This serves as a reminder that the Newport-Inglewood fault has long been considered one of Southern California’s tope seismic danger zones. For more info, please read the original article by LA Times:

21 January, 2019

A destructive 6.7 earthquake hit Chile

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A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Chile yesterday. It caused some building to shake. The pacific tsunami warning center announce there was no threat of a tsunami. Later that day things went back to normal. For more info, please read the original article by Independent:

18 January, 2019

24 years later, the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan

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On January 17, 1995 a 7.2 earthquake hit Kobe, Japan. Killing more than 6,000 people and damaging the city. It was Japan’s worst earthquake since the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923. For more info, please read the original article by

17 January, 2019

Some cities are ignoring the danger a big earthquake poses

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With over 25 year since the last major earthquake in California. Many have taken significant steps to make buildings safer by retrofitting, many others have ignored the seismic threat. State government has left the city and county government decided on whether to mandate earthquake retrofits. For that reason, many people don’t know the danger they [...]

16 January, 2019

An earthquake just reminded us, we need to prepare for the “big one”

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Today the citizens of Piedmont, California were just woken up by a 3.7 earthquake. This comes a day before the 25th anniversary of 1994 Northridge earthquake, that displaced thousands of people and caused billions in damages. This is a reminder the “big one” can happen at any time. For more info, please read the original [...]

16 January, 2019

The 25th anniversary of the earthquake that caused BILLIONS in damages

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Almost 25 years ago southern Californians were awoken by a strong earthquake, that in a matter of seconds killed dozens of people, misplaced thousands of people, caused billions in damages and left people scared for life. This day is when Californians learned about soft story apartments and the danger they pose, they are prone to [...]

15 January, 2019

This is an unreinforced masonry building. Unreinforced masonry buildings may be unsafe in an event of a major earthquake

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By the Fall schools in Portland will start to see the placards in the front of the buildings. The placards are informing them the building may be unsafe in in the event of a major earthquake. For now the district has sent out messages. Portland Public Schools in 1995 have spent $47 million on retrofits [...]