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Ali Sahabi has been a licensed General Engineering Contractor (GEC) since 1993, and is a principal at Optimum Seismic, Inc. He has completed hundreds of seismic retrofitting and adaptive reuse projects for multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout California.
24 January, 2020

Make it Last: Extending the Lifespan of Today’s Buildings through Adaptive Reuse and Resiliency

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Don’t throw the past away
You might need it some rainy day
Dreams can come true again
When everything old is new again

These popular lyrics, from the 1974 movie “All That Jazz,” reflect the continual push by society to tap into something unique, even when it seems that everything has been done before.”

It’s […]

24 January, 2020

Optimum Seismic’s Ali Sahabi Joins Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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Optimum Seismic, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer, Ali Sahabi, a leading expert in disaster resilience and sustainability, has joined the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

“We are excited Ali Sahabi is joining the Board of Directors, his passion for the region will complement the Chamber’s bold new strategic […]

8 January, 2020

Case Study Shows Retrofits Saved Business Millions

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January 2020 Newsletter.

California last year experienced two of the largest earthquakes to strike the state in 20 years and saw its deadliest and most destructive wildfire in history. These were jarring reminders of how vulnerable we are and how […]

3 January, 2020

Why San Diego Needs More than Just Early Warnings for Earthquakes

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California recently rolled out its early warning system throughout the state, including in San Diego.

The so-called ShakeAlert warnings are being pushed through two delivery systems: a cell phone app called MyShake and the same wireless notification system that issues Amber Alerts.

This is great news. The early warning system operates on […]

2 January, 2020

Earthquake Resiliency Gains Momentum

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Five years after the City of Los Angeles enacted what was at the time the nation’s most sweeping earthquake retrofit law, progress toward resilience has taken a resounding leap forward.

A “safety revolution” is spreading along our streets and back alleys, with steel frames and strong walls fortifying buildings that were […]

23 December, 2019

Ali Sahabi Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from BIA Chapter

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Ali Sahabi has received the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019 from the Building Industry Association of Southern California’s Baldy View Chapter

Born to Abbas and Leila Sahabi, he learned the importance of hard work and dedication from his father, a Middle Eastern businessman […]

12 December, 2019

The Economic Benefits of Earthquake-Resistant Buildings

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In 1971, the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Van Nuys, California, suffered extensive damage in the 6.5-magnitude Sylmar earthquake. Forced to cease operations in order to rebuild the facility, the self-proclaimed “King of Beers” took another hard financial hit as competitors made inroads into the Anheuser-Busch market during this time. Faced with the […]

10 December, 2019

What is ‘slow earthquakes’ relationship to regular ones and the conditions that give rise to these events

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Better earthquake-detection instruments revealed that there is a whole range of slip speeds in between. These are known as slow earthquakes and can last days, months or sometimes even years.
Dr. Ake Fagereng, a geologist at Cardiff University in the UK said “there are still many questions […]